EAM: Send tags from an agent to another agent


We are setting up EAM with multiple sites and environments (dev, test, prod).
With EAM tasks we are able to send projects from agent A to agent B, but it seems we are only able to send tags from the controller to an agent and not from an agent to another agent.

Could someone shine a light on this? Is it correct that we cannot do this? If so, how would you send tags from an agent to an other agent?

Hello louagejasper,

Correct, EAM Tasks are from Controller to Agent actions. List of EAM agent task

As an alternative, you can import the tags to the Controller first, then send the tags to the Agents.

Or import the tags through to the other Agent's Designer directly, if that's not too hard.

Thanks for you reply plo. Both options seem a bit cumbersome to me. Why can we not just send tags from one agent to another, just like we can with projects?