EAM Upgrade for Redundancy not failing over

I just did an upgrade from 8.1.1 to 8.1.2 via EAM to a redundant Gateway. In the past, minor version changes upgraded seamlessly and failover was automatic. In this case after I upgraded the Backup (as requested by EAM) the redundancy was faulted and could not reconnect due to a version mismatch.

Did the EAM upgrade process change in 8.1? I neglected to take a screenshot as it was the production environment and had to get back up quickly. The downtime to install the gateway upgrade is only a few minutes, but in the past this was at most a few seconds while clients were transferred to backup during the update.

I’ll give a call into support too, but I don’t have a non-production redundant environment to replicate this in and any updates we do are off hours when I can’t have support on the phone. Hoping there might be some initial insight if this is intentional or not. Or if anyone else has seen this.