Early Access 7.9 LTS Builds

The Early Access/Nightly build versions of Ignition 8.0 have resulted in some significant benefits for all of us in the Ignition ecosystem. We love sharing early builds to get feedback on features and changes before they are sealed with a formal release. Likewise, we’ve heard from many in the community who appreciate the ability to test the latest changes and features.

As a result, we want to bring some of these benefits back to our current Long Term Support version in the form of preview builds. As an LTS version, changes are not as frequent as in the leading version, so the builds won’t have the same nightly frequency. Instead, we’ll be updating the builds on a weekly basis, or if there’s a special feature or fix that would benefit the community.

You can now find them on the Ignition Downloads Page

Thanks for continuing to use and improve Ignition!