Easiest way to do a multiselect list box in Perspective?

Is there some easy way to implement the equivalent of a multi-select list box in Perspective? The closest I’ve found is a table with multi-select enabled, but that’s going to require a lot of scripting and events to make it work nicely.

I just want a list that looks like this:
Something the user can click, ctrl-click, shift-click, and preferably having an “All” and “None” button nearby.

Multi-select drop-down is ugly when displaying too many selected items, only lets you add one at a time, and hides the options when the drop-down isn’t active.

Table doesn’t automate the check boxes, but I can shove them in with a new column rendered as a checkbox or graphic. But even then, the UX is bad since de-selecting rows with ctrl-click doesn’t seem possible.

Neither of these supports an “All” button out of the box, and only drop-down supports a “None” feature. Both could likely be added by separate buttons which modify the selection properties of the components, but … :frowning:

I feel like this should be a really common request of Ignition, and I can’t be the first person wanting it. What am I missing?

Hi @justin.brzozoski, you could look at creating a view with a checkbox and then create another view with a flex repeater iterating the checkbox view. There would still be a fair amount of scripting to get the functionality you desire, but it might be less than with a table. You can then add separate checkboxes outside of the flex repeater that functions as the all/none.

Another option could be to adapt the tree component, but I don’t think that would be a pretty solution.

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a silver bullet for this one. However, if you put the work in now it can always be embedded in your project and future projects :grinning: