Easy Chart and Subplots

I have an Easy Chart. I have defined 3 Subplots and data is plotting.

I have tried to change the relative weight as 5, 5, and 1. It will show me that in designer, but when I save and publish, or save and reopen, it won’t stick. It is back to 1, 1, and 1.

What am I doing wrong.

This is in 7.5.1.



I tried to recreate this here without any success. Can you attach an export of your window here so I can look at the settings on your chart?

Ok here it is… just the one window.
L402_Belt_Washer_Main Window_2012-07-25_1757.proj (64.1 KB)

OK, just so I know exactly what your attempting to do.

You are wanting to use the dashed line, correct?

You may need to call in so we can do a gotomeeting so it can be investigated more.

No dashed line.

I just want 3 subplots with the upper two being weighted 5 and the lower one being weighted 1.



It is because the Easy Chart’s Subplots dataset property is bound to tag history. Remove the binding and try to change the weight in the customizer and it will be just fine.

As usual one answer leads to another questoin.

Unlinking fixed the problem.

Now I need to assign the Y axis Labels for each of the subplots.

Under Chart Configureation I see varous datasets: DB Pen, Tag Pens, Calculated Pens, Axes, SubPlots.

When I use the Dataset Viewer to open the Axes Dataset, I see Default Axes with the name Value.

If I change Value to ValueD, the there y axis labels on my Subplots all change to that.

I don’t see the linkage between Axes and Subplots. Is there one?



No, there is no link between axes and subplots. There is a link between the tag and the subplot it is in. There is also a link between the tag and the axis it is in.

Thanks, Travis.