Easy Chart area fill between pens

Is there a way to fill an area between two pens? I’m looking to fill in the area between two pens in much the same way as the Sparkline Chart will fill in the area between the Desired High and Desired Low values.

There isn’t a way to fill in the area between two pens on the easy chart. The closest you can get is to set both pens to be Area type pens and the area between will be a different color. If you want to get fancy (and one pen is always less than the other) then you could make the bottom pen the same color as the background and it will look like you have the area between.

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Im having 3 pens for each of my history tags with aggregates: “basic average”, “min” and “max”.

The solution you mentioned works as long as the tag values are above zero. Do you know how to handle the case where the tag crosses 0 on the y-axis?