Easy chart backgroud color change dynamically

I have an easy chart that shows different background color for different values as plots,
If the value is changed, the back ground color will change in plot as well
How to check for the previous value plot compared to the current one.
now the green color value is 10 then i have change value of green color 18 i want some curve difference in easy chart background plot.
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How is this being accomplished? Is this from a propertyChange event script?

I written the script configure chart.
I have use plot.addRangeMarker and IntervalMarker

...so your wanting the interval markers to bend and follow the chart values like a chart pen would?

yes exactly @justinedwards.jle .

This sounds like an interesting problem. Perhaps this could be done with a XYShapeAnnotation instead of a marker. If I were to attempt this, my first attempt would probably be with that.

I may be confused, but would setting the pen style to Area accomplish the same thing?

thank you,

I will give it try.let you know

You would have to construct your own renderer to draw the background, not for the faint of heart.

These are intended for constants. Where you want to show changes over time, then that's just another pen. One of the area renderers should do what you are attempting.

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