Easy Chart binding to globalWhereClause

In the easy chart there is a Where condition. It is a string reported to have the name globalWhereClause. When I type my condition into this box, such as machine=55, it works quite well. But I am trying to get a more dynamic way. When the supervisor opens this window a value is passed from the origional window to this window. I want to use that value in this where clause. I have tried it with " ". with ’ ’ and with { } but none of these seem to give me the dynamic properties I require. Can someone tell me how I can use this value comming from the preceeding window, in this where clause? Here are some of the statments I have tried:

machine = {root container.machine}
also with the single and double quotes and with parenthesis.

I also added a dynamic proper in the chart, made this property point to the integer value in the root container, and tried to use this becuase it reported to make the value it contained a string. Again nothing. I also tried using the str command. I must be missing something simple but just can not place my finger on it. Thanks and have a great day.

You need to bind the global where clause property to an expression like this:

"machine = " + {Root Container.machine}

To bind the property, simply click on the bind icon all the way to the right of the property. Select expression and enter in the code above.