Easy chart - change filename on "Save data for excel"

Hi Guys,

Do you know if there is any way to change the filename in the option “Save data from excel” on easy charts ? We have many charts in our project and it would be really helpful for the clients.


Clicking on the “Save” icon should call a dialog box what gives you option to name your file.
Are you not getting the dialog box?
Are you unable to type a different file name in the prompt?
Are you using some custom scripting to save the file?

Hi anna,

I do get the dialog box but what I want is is automatically customize the file name for each chart. I want to change the file from Chart.xls to any_given_name.xls.
I’m able to type a different name but I want to automatically show a different name for each chart.
I’m using the build-in button to save the file.

The background for this request is that we have graphs for different equipments and we want to provide a more friendly user interface for the scada operators, they could change the filenames before save it but if it’s possible I’d would like to customize them.


The built-in button has the name hard coded. You would need to make your own button and script to change the name.

so for our button, if we want the same function with the save button in easy chart, how to write the script. may i know the script ?

system.dataset.exportExcel() should do what you want.