Easy Chart Color Control

There are a few controls on the easy chart that share the same color binding… both in historical mode as well as real time mode.

For those of us building screens with dark backgrounds, this is a pain since you can’t select a light color because the light color will disappear against the light background, and a dark color will disappear against a dark background.

I have attached and image of this and have circled the colors that are tied together… there is more than this but it should prove indicative of what is happening.

If we can get this resolved then we can build clear, easy to read trends no matter what color scheme we start with.

The realtime mode display time frame selection is similarly difficult to read with a dark background. (if you have chosen a light color so that the x axis displays correctly.

Perhaps what we need is to bind the zoom box color (historical) and the time frame selector box (real time) to a new property ‘dialog box color’ or some such to give us this flexibility.

Thanks in advance… a small issue but annoying nevertheless.

As an adder, can the the check boxes on the pen selector be set to be opaque with a white background?

You can see from the image below that these are not readable when the plot has a grey background

Also notice I am trying to do a multiline comment on the pen label at the top of the list but this is being obscured by the other labels. Not sure how easy it is for you to adjust the spacing on those to allow at least two line labels but that would be nice too. (This is a low priority, resolution of the color issues is more important).


is this something that will be fixed at some point?

hi . i wanted to make control chart in ignition 7.9 by using values from my table . by using UCL ,LCL , Actual value, target values.
is this possible to make control chart here