Easy Chart configuration Question

i use a database to populate the DB pens details in the Easy Chart. I need to be able to set the Datasource as parameter as well

i know the name of most parameters to set, just do not know the name of the Datasource property:

would it be ‘DATASOURCE’ ?

What do you get in the pens dataset if you manually configure a pen the way you want?

answered my own question, it is DATASOURCE
This easy chart is used to view CIP data from 14 different plants. The customer already has PLC data being logged to a PI database , which my application eventually gets through a JDBC connection, and logs data through the transaction groups to 14 different MySQL databases, one for each plant.

The data structure is common in all 14 plants, so 1 easy chart could do the job, i just need a way to be able to select which data source to look at based on a Log In parameter that would determine which plant’s data to look at.\

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