Easy Chart customizing background color

We have a request from a customer regarding dynamically changing the background colour of the easy chart based on a tag value.
The charts look like this , for a standard application we developed to record CIP ( Clean In Place ) was programs:

What the customer would like to is see the background colour of the chart change based on each section of the CIP, such as white during Rinse steps, Yellow during Caustic Wash steps, Red during Acid was steps.

On the above chart, the section where the dotted horizontal lines are shown , is the Caustic Wash step, so this entire area would have a yellow background according to the customer’s request.

This would mean the background of the chart would have multiple colours.

Is this even possible?

You could do something like this. The orange areas show the discrete value of Alarms Disabled. To accomplish this add the pen to the trend, adjust the pen’s color transparency to a desired level, set the Style to Digital Area. It’s helpful to assign discrete pens to their own Axis to allow them to span the entire height of the trend or span a certain portion of the height of the trend.

great, thanks for the advice.
A made a simple test and achieved the results I was looking for. Now to make it work right.