Easy Chart Data export - Data Scan Class

I am trying to export data from a Easy Chart that uses historical data.

The historical scan class for the tags is set for 5000ms.

When I export the data from the easy using the export button, I only get two data points for every 5 minute interval, not a point every 5000ms. Trend is attached.

Is there a way to export the data and have all historical data points, instead of 2 every 5 minutes?

Can I use the system.dataset.exportExcel function with the Easy Chart as the component instead of a table?


system.dataset.exportExcel() will work on any dataset, but the Easy Chart doesn’t expose it’s underlying dataset. You can create a dataset anywhere on your screen and use system.dataset.exportExcel() on that.

I’ve found that adding an export button with the dataset property on it works well. Just make sure you are using the SQLTags Hisotry binding with a startdate and enddate bound to the Easy Chart’s star and end dates.