Easy Chart data modification

I'm using Easy Chart to display several analog values over a selectable time range. One of them is tank volume by way of a level transmitter and a tank scaling factor. The product stored in the tank is a mix of creosote and bunker C oils, and kept at a temperature range of 150 to 210 degrees F. The customer would like to have the chart display the temperature-corrected volume as well as the actual volume. The only data I have found so far to calculate the temperature-corrected volumes is a table which gives a correction factor for each degree F. Is there a way to apply the table to the charted data points without altering the original data?

What kind of level transmitter is this? (If based on a pressure transmitter near the bottom of the tank, or a DP with ports top and bottom, it is already reading weight of a uniform column, not volume.

Aside from that,no. EasyChart doesn't have sufficiently sophisticated calculated pens. A classic chart can use an arbitrarily reprocessed dataset (original history binding moved elsewhere), typically handled with a property change event. (Or, perhaps, the view() function from my Simulation Aids module.)

@pturmel Unfortunately it's a radar level transmitter, so no direct measurement of weight. Would there be a way to perform a calculation on the tag values, and use that dataset for a new pen?

Yes, with the Classic Chart. Not possible with the EasyChart.