Easy Chart: Database pen error

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use the database pen functionality in Easy chart. I haven’t had much displaying the data when I publish the graph. I am only able to see it in the designer.

Here is what I’ve done:

  • Created a simple table to prove that it was not my actual table. I used mysql.

  • Configure the database pen like seen here

  • last_update is my time column. It’s already indexed. Here is the diagnostic.

  • My graph populates in the designer but not when I launch the project.

  • Launched Project

I believe everything is fine. I am really lost on this one.

Thank you in advance

You might need to enable “Legacy Database Access”:

Though I’m not 100% sure if it applies to the Easy Chart but it’s worth a shot

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You got it 100% right.

Thanks for the reply! This was driving me crazy.

haha been there plenty of times! Glad that was the solution :slight_smile:

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