Easy Chart Database Pen UTC time to CST time

Making an Easy chart, Have a Database Pen grabbing a cycle time Y Column, my Time Column is in UTC. So when you go to view the data, the newest data is “in the future” (CST is -6 hours UTC).

Can I some how tell the Easy Chart to change the time showing to CST?? Should I be using a regular Chart to do those conversions??

You can’t do it from within Ignition. You need to use a database column that understands timezones and will trigger the conversion for you. In PostgreSQL, you would simple use the “Timestamp with Timezone” datatype. It stores everything in UTC and converts to/from that in every query based on the connection properties. If your database doesn’t have a column type that’ll work for you, you might need to create a view in the database that incorporates the conversion, and point your DB pens at that view instead of the table.

Thanks. For future reference ended up doing the conversion on the SQL table itself prior to doing the query against said table.