Easy Chart Date Selector: outer range property?

I have an alarm history screen similar to that of the IA Demo application. On this screen I have a popup calendar that I use to let the user to jump to a new date range without having to constantly click the < and > on the date range selector. This calendar sets both the selected start date and the outer range start date to the value in the calendar (and the end dates as a date a few days after). Currently, I am trying to do this with an Easy Chart component, but i noticed that I can only access the startDate/endDate and not the outerRangeStartDate/outerRangeEndDate. Is there any way to accomplish this? Thanks

Not directtly, no, but you can simply drop the Easy Chart’s built-in date range by changing the Easy Chart’s mode from Historical to Manual, and then use your own Date Range by binding the Easy Chart’s start and end dates to your Date Range’s dates.

Also, make sure to set the Easy Chart’s polling to zero if you change the mode to manual!