Easy Chart: Display Tag with string value


i want to display my tag which has value type string in an Easy Chart. I got the different Status Tags with values like "On", "Off", "Standby" and so on.

If i change my Axis TYPE on Symbol i have matching strings on my y-axis but these also just match the integers. Is it even possible to display String tags in the chart?

The Easy Chart is quite versatile, so I have no doubt that what you're asking can be accomplished. Unfortunately, I'm having some difficulty visualizing your question. Could you possibly do a mock up of what you are expecting?


Also, you're saying that the values are coming from an integer tag, but the labels are coming from a corresponding but separate string tag?

The Labels are only coming from a string Tag:
fore example:

these i want to display in an Easy Chart with corresponding Labels on the axis:

Now in my Experience this works like 0 is "Ein", 1 is equivalent to "Aus" ... if i have an integer Tag which i don't have and which i would like to avoid Creating.

So the question is if it is possible to match the strings i get from my tag to the strings on the axis.

Hope i made my Problem more clear and thnak you for your help!

I think you will be disappointed. The JFreeChart library's CategoryAxis is what you are looking for, but I don't see any way it can be used with an XYPlot (which is the underlying plot type for the EasyChart), which only works with subclasses of ValueAxis.

You might be able to do this on the 'classic' Chart component, with a fair amount of scripting.

It would be much simpler to convert the integers into strings for labeling purposes than it would be to convert strings to integers for charting purposes. I would go ahead and convert the tag to an int tag, and then use expression bindings and scripting as needed to display the values as strings.