Easy Chart export

When you press the ‘Save Data for Excel’ button at the top right of an Easy Chart, it gives the file a default extension of ‘xls’. However, it’s not actually creating an Excel xls file - it seems to be creating an Excel 2003 xml file. Unfortunately the OpenOffice import of Excel 2003 xml is very broken and it doesn’t appear likely it’s going to be fixed.

Is there any tweak that can be made to the format (or another format added) to allow data from the Easy Chart to be viewed in OpenOffice?

I suppose we could add a format mode … if we can figure out a format that OpenOffice likes better.

I would have thought either an actual xls file, or (more general and maybe more future-proof) a more generic xml format or even csv.

If I remember right, the reason the .xls extension was used instead of .xml was so that Excel would open it instead of IE. OpenOffice should still treat the file okay if we could save with the xml extension. Give be a moment to reinstall OO on my machine and do some digging… :slight_smile: