Easy Chart - few pens show only like a dot in the right end of graph

I created a trend graph monitoring number of parameters of an industrial oven. Most of the signals are showing correctly, however there are 2 signals, which show in the graph strange way - almost like a dot at the end of present time. These are integer values (can have 0 or 1 or 2 only), mostly remain zero. I created both of them as separate subplot, with symbol axes. (Previously they were together along with every other signal, still only these 2 signals shows at the right end of the graph). I am referring to ‘Temp Ctrl’ and ‘Steam Ctrl’ shown as sub plots at the bottom of the chart. When I save them to excel files, they do show up for every row. So they are getting recorded, but won’t show in the graph. Any suggestion welcome.

Make sure you have either “interpolation” set to false or “raw data” set to true. If this doesn’t help, I would suggest contacting support.

Thanks Cosmo, I will check.