Easy Chart Foreground Color Misses Some Things

Setting Appearance\Foreground Color in the Easy Chart’s properties changes the colour of most, but not all of the text in the chart. In the screenshot below, the foreground colour has been set to white. The black text stays black no matter what color the foreground is set, and the white text changes with the foreground color setting. Ideally, either all text (including y axes values and labels and the “Last:” label before the time range selector) would change colour with the foreground color setting, or perhaps more granularity could be allowed with a separate setting for the axes values and labels.

I also used orange gridline and red plot outline colors below to illustrate how the axes tick marks follow the foreground color on the x axis, but the tick marks on the y axis appear to be tied to something else (not the border or gridline color either–they’re actually a light grey, not white like the x axes tick marks).
[attachment=0]Easy Chart Text & Tick Colors.jpg[/attachment]
Is there a way to get x and y axes using the same label and value colors? Or are we stuck with black if we want them both the same?

Nevermind 90% of the above. A moment later I realized the y axis label, value, and tick color can all be customized in the Axes section of the Easy Chart customizer.

It seems the only thing that isn’t easily changed is that “Last:” label in black at the bottom. Am I missing something there too?

In ALL properties, under “Realtime Range” (second to last group), it’s called “Realtime Text”.

Thanks adamaustin. I’m sorry my last post wasn’t very clear. Is there a way to change the color of the “Realtime Text” to something other than the default black to match the color of the other text?

You can use the limited HTML markup that Ignition parses for each text region. This worked for me:

<HTML><font color=red>Last:</font>

That makes sense and works beautifully. I’ve used HTML before to add line breaks in text, but hadn’t connected the right neurons to think of using it for color. Thank you!