Easy Chart Goodie

I started with the Easy Chart “click to graph” goodie but have made many changes to how the chart is loaded. I am not using the click to graph components. I have a screen with list boxes that select the pens to use.

I am in the process of removing code that is no longer needed.
Since I am creating the pen query myself do I need the ctg_active_client table?
What was this originally for?

If I understand it correctly the ctg_active_client table is used to keep track of ‘click_to_graph’ items that are selected at runtime. If this is the case can I safely remove references to this?

Yes, I’m pretty sure that table is used to keep track of the pens that each client has selected at runtime, since each client may have a different set of click-to-graph pens selected.

If in doubt - rename the table and see if anything breaks.