Easy Chart Graph


I’m looking to remove the minus numbers from the y-axes on the graph. The flow is reading 0.4 which in turn is showing an upper bound of 0.6 and a lower bound of -0.3. I have tried turning off the auto range but because other flows on the project are a lot higher it sets the upper bound to 100 which in turn makes the 0.4 flow barely visible.

Is there a way of removing the minus numbers without turning off the auto range?

Please see attached for example

Many thanks

Have you modified the lower bound in the easy chart customizer? I think you are in a tough spot since you have another value that is near 100 when it is displayed. There really isn’t going to be any way around the higher value making the lower value less visible. I think what you may want to do is create a subplot for each of the pens. This would make both of them more visible in respect to the ranges they are viewed in.