Easy Chart group control

A feature that would be a benefit to our company is the ability to turn on or off pens at the group level. Turning each one on/off individually works but it would be much faster. It would be even better if this were exposed via scripting.


Lucky for you, it is exposed via scripting. Everything about the easy chart’s configuration (including pen selection) is stored in expert-level dataset properties, which can be manipulated at runtime via scripting.

How do you do it in scripting? Yes, I can manipulate any pen individually but not as a group. I know I can filter pens by group and do it that way but that would require me to do some screen work to allow them selection of the group. This would in essence be replacing the pen selection that is built in to the easy chart.

What I am requesting is that to the left of the chart, where the pens can be turned on and off, there be a check box next to the group name.

Yeah, I agree that this is a good idea. You would have to do some screen work to expose this via scripting, I was just responding to your “It would be even better if…” comment - I thought that you might want to do it yourself via your own UI work.

So did I until I thought about it a little more.

Actually I did experiment a little by using the reporting plugin’s row selector to create a tree view of all my pens and then select them that way. It worked but I did not have time to implement it. But it was cool.