Easy Chart has data memory when no data exists

I’ve seen a weird problem I’m hoping can be explained. I’m putting two analog points in history. The history partition is set to 5 minutes, and the prune age is 15 minutes. The data pruning appears to be working since I do not see many partitions and the time stamps assigned to them are correct.

My problem is with Easy Chart. As seen in the attachment, I have ghost data that does not exist (see bar under time range with red blocks). You will also notice I have selected a time range that encompasses more than one block of data, but only one block is showing data (the latest, with a small blue line near the right-top and red line near right-bottom).

Is there some form of data cache and/or is this a bug?


It looks like the prune function is not properly clearing out the scan class execution records, which are a piece that fits into how the data histogram is calculated.

These records are stored in the “sqlth_sce” table. They cover a range, described by “start_time” and “end_time”. This knowledge base article explains how to get those times into a more readable format. At any rate, take a look at that table, and try deleting some of the older rows to see if that makes a difference. We’ll take a look at it on our side as well.


I’ll look at it now.

Deleting some of those records did clean up the histogram.

Glad to hear it. We’ll keep working on our end to keep that from happening.