Easy Chart Help

Looking for help with my easy chart. I have data going into the chart and everything is working how I like but there are somethings in the wonderware project I am converting that I cant seem to find in the Ignition Designer.
Inside of the wonderware project with their chart comes a scroll bar that when you move it along the trend will display the tags value.
Is this something that can be done in ignition and if so how?

I’m not quite sure, but that sounds like maybe what we call ‘x-trace’? Right click the chart in the runtime/preview mode and change the mode to X-trace - is that what you’re looking for?

Mark is what I was playing with, I think this will work for what I am trying to do. What is the difference between what X-Trace and Mark do?

Basically Mark highlights a single datapoint (ie, only one pen) where x-trace will show all values at one timestamp. You can also turn on the ‘X-Trace Track Mouse’ property in component settings so users don’t have to hold down the mouse button.

If you need scripted control over the X-Trace, take a look at my NoteChart module. It’s X-Trace is a total rewrite, exposing the timestamp as writeable Date property instead of a read-only string, and it offers capture of the pen values corresponding to the trace.


Ok good to know that brings me to my next question at runtime can I some how add a pen and select a tag to chart with the exiting pen on the chart?

You have to script the creation/editing of the datasets for the pens, tagPens, and/or calcPens properties. Per the manual.

See also the onTagsDropped extension function.