Easy Chart - how to add offset (+5 or -5 offset ) to the tag i am drag and dropping

Hi, i have a easy chart. i am drag and dropping 2 tags

both are showing values from 4.00 pm to 5.00pm

i want second tag which i drag and dropped to show values from 4.10pm to 5.10PM (-5 and +5 offset )
please help me how to use offset to achieve it

EasyChart cannot do that.

The closest you can get to such would be a DB pen pointing at a view in your database that delivers the data with the timestamps altered.

I would recommend using the Classic Chart and defining two X-axis ranges.

Ok thanks for your reply. whether is not possible manually to enter offset to easy chart?

i am dragging and dropping multiple tags from tag tree browser to easy chart. is possible to do in classic chart?

No, sorry.

No, sorry. It doesn’t even have the extension functions to do your own tag drop handler. You might go way under the hood with custom listeners, but it would be rather challenging.

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Hi, can we Able to use cell binding in easy chart achieve offset concept?

No. There’s nothing you can supply to an EasyChart that will make it do the offset you desire.

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