Easy Chart - I think?

I want to chart my daily temperatures (0700 - 2300).

I can get the chart to start 0700 each day, BUT, I don’t like the way it presents itself.

I want the chart to show 0700 - 2300, regardless of the current time.

In other words, if its noon, I still want the chart (time axis) to show 0700 to 2300.


You need to take the easy chart out of “Historical” mode and put it in “Manual” mode. Manual mode means that you are controlling the date range by yourself by setting the Start Date and End Date properties, probably using property bindings.

If you really just want to display from 7AM to 11PM of the current day, use expression property bindings like this:

For the Start Date:

toDate( dateFormat(now(0), "yyyy-MM-dd") + " 07:00:00" )

For the End Date:

toDate( dateFormat(now(0), "yyyy-MM-dd") + " 23:00:00" )

Hope this helps,

The chart still won’t draw from 0700 to 2300.

The chart axis is drawn from 0700 to the current time (rounds up to the next full hour)

I turned off AUTO AXIS POSITIONING , It didn’t make any difference!

Any ideas??


auto axis positioning has nothing to do with that - it is to automatically balance multiple Y axes onto both the left and right sides of the chart.

What you’re seeing is because you have no data past the current time - the chart’s x axis automatically scales to only the range where there is useful data. This is called “AutoRange”, and it is enabled when you’re in Historical or Manual mode. I’ll add a feature request to add an option to turn off x-axis auto range.

Ah, There you go.



FYI - This made it into 3.2.4 which will be released shortly.