Easy Chart - Inconsistency

I have a simple Easy chart in Historical Mode, the pen style is “Line”. But I noticed that in my initial chart, there is a gap at the beginning. But when I stretch out the selection 2 hours back, the data of where that gap was showing in the first chart now appears. See below.

You might want to set your max time between samples on your tag history to something that works with your charting requirements. Or play with the interpolation settings for your historical pen. JFreeChart can only plot what it’s given. /:

Messing with the interpolation did not work.

We’re also working with the same tags shown in both images. If it is only displaying what its given, how does the 1st chart image not have that data between around 2am and 245am that shows in the 2nd image.

Also when I export the data of these 2 examples, the second chart shown includes data between that 2am and 245am period, the first one does not, even though it is included in the selection.