Easy Chart Indirect Tag Binding

I have multiple instances of the same template within my program. Based on what template I click on, a popup with corresponding data pops up. On this popup window, there is an easy chart that I also want to correlate with the clicked on template. When I go to do a cell update within the tag pens property under the easy chart, it will not allow me to put an indirect tag path binding in the value section. Any help with this problem, or is there anyone who has a simpler solution to what I’m trying to accomplish?

I’ve attached a picture of the screen i’m working with.

Your popup should be opened by passing in a parameter to a custom property on the root container so that you can choose which template you are displaying data from.

You then just insert a string with the variable part represented by the custom property e.g. _A_Name_/GoldTest7_7Simulator/Sensor {Root Container.index}/Temperature

I had tried doing that before using the button on the side of the screen, but that did not work.

When I try typing it in manually, I keep getting the error message that says
"Expecting close delimiter ‘}’ but found: ‘{’

I have attached a picture with the error message and the tag path that I have put in the box.

I’m not sure whether you can insert 2 items. In any case you should remove the outermost curly braces - they’re not needed.

As an aside you shouldn’t need the redundant ‘Sensor x/Sensor x’ in the path - try to rearrange your UDT to remove this.

In the future, I will keep that in mind about redundant tag path names! It happened and I wasn’t thinking far enough ahead when it happened, and when I realized it, I had linked so much together, it would be a nightmare changing everything. All that being said, removing the outside {} worked and my easy chart is now displaying appropriate data! Thanks so much!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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