Easy chart is not displaying trends correctly

I have encountered that the easy chart is not displaying the trends correctly, please see two screen shots (screen shot shows the trend period of 10 hours). When the easy chart queried 4 hours of history, the trend was fine. 5 hours showed a diagonal line. We tried the process with minutes as well and saw the tipping point was 273 minutes.

Does anyone encountered this?

Does anyone have an explanation for this phenomenon?

What is your setting for Tag History Resolution?

I am having this problem…has there been any movement on this?

My Tag History Resolution is 1000.

You will probably need to set it higher than that to get correct results. My findings are that Discrete Value logging on tags is the way to go with a Tag History Resolution that is at least double the amount of pixels wide your easy chart is. There may still be issues displaying discrete (on/off) type signals and I have not yet found a concrete way to eliminate that issue.

I am also having this issue. 6/7/22 IGN 8.1.9
When i enable "Allow Tag History Interpolation’ on the easy chart properties the diagonal line shows up and when i turn it off the line goes away.