Easy Chart issues

Running 7.7.0 (b2014071516)

Easy charts appear mostly upgraded ok but I have a couple that misbehave since the upgrade

  1. Only shows data post upgrade, although previous historical data is present.

Chart1.png shows the chart as depicted post upgrade

Exporting CSV through API for this chart data yields “filter.csv” data. I’ve also included the chart.xls dump from the chart itself and it also shows the data being present - so it looks like it is not being rendered. (We cannot use the XLS dump as we use openoffice and it fails to import the times so we use a template that uses the tag pen data to export csv)

As you can see data exists for the whole data range.

  1. I have a chart with lots of tags and subplots that shows no data until I remove a single tag and replace it.

In the tag pen dataset it then shows an appended relative path tag [~] for the replaced tag. Chart then automagically works again for all tags.

[I also note it defaults to user removable with no GUI option to change in the editor (I would assume that defaulting to not user removable would be expected behaviour)]

Below is the tag pen dataset showing the weird behaviour. Without the [~] on a tag it does not work for any tags. Put one [~] and it all works.


chart.csv (3.07 KB)
filter.csv (16.2 KB)
Chart.xls (108 KB)

Did you call in and get this fixed?

We’ve seen this a number of times now, and the fixes are usually pretty straight forward. There appears to be a bug on our side somewhere where the scan class execution validation isn’t properly separating out the ids of pre-upgrade and post-upgrade, so it’s incorrectly invalidating the pre-update data. The easiest way to fix this is to adjust the SCE table to just have one entry per scan class (new and old ids) that covers all of time.

The other thing that we’ve seen is that if you have duplicate entries for the system in the driver table, Ignition could start storing under the duplicate id (how this table is read was changed in 7.7). The solution in that case is to pause storing history (disable tag history provider in the gateway), delete the row, change the driver id on the relevant rows in sqlth_scinfo, and then move the data into the correct partition (from the newly created partition), and remove that partition.

Anyhow, if you didn’t already get it fixed, call into support and they can help you.