Easy Chart - Keyboard / Mouse Shortcuts?

Doubling up on new topics today.

I have a client migrating to Ignition who uses a mix of keyboard and mouse shortcuts to zoom / pan around within a chart to isolate a particular area of interest, as a means to fine-tune a process setting. Other than the zoom, pan and X-Trace cursor modes, I don't see anything built-in to the Easy Chart component. Are there any suggestions on how to add keyboard shortcuts to a chart, even if I have to move beyond the Easy Chart specifically? Thank you.

You can add whatever key listeners you want to the component in its scripting event handlers, although getting them to do just the right thing may or may not be tricky, depending on what functionality the end user expects.

Thank you for the reply. Figuring out what the script can / should do is the next challenge. Right now, I'm not seeing where I can add a key event script to the Easy Chart. Is there somewhere else I can attach the script? It can't seem to be attached to a container, either.