Easy Chart Line / Line with gaps not rendering, dots render fine

For some reason my Easy Charts are no longer rendering "Line" pens, although they render "Dot" pens just fine. No amount of fiddling seems to repair the behavior. Am I missing something here?



Are there drop-outs in your data? (Nulls break the line.)

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Checking down that train of thought was fruitful! It turns out that a duplicate project was loading null lines into the same table. Thats a useful one to have caught -- it was duplicating the 1 second timer for the same variables, but was not connected to the actual data sources. I have disabled all the transaction groups in the other project (which wasn't even loaded into a designer!), and now the lines draw. Good to know that they will keep doing that even when not apparently active.

An "ignore null" would be a very nice thing to have in the easy chart. Running diagnostics on the pen did not yield anything useful, all greens.

Thanks for the help!