Easy chart loading time

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We are using an easy chart component to show historical data for several tags at a time. The issue we run into is that when selecting e.g. one week in the date range selector, it takes a lot of time before the trends show up in the chart. Understandable since there is a lot of data that needs to be retrieved from the database. If we select one month, our client runs out of memory and we need to restart the client.

Data for the individual tags are stored once every minute. So for one tag, the amount of datapoints during one month is pretty high.

Easy chart showing data for approx. 1 day:

Easy chart loading data when approx. 4 days (taking a long time):

We have tried to lower the historical resolution, but it does not seem to have any significant effect.

Does anyone know how to make the easy chart able to display historical data for 1 year back in time without crashing the client? Are there any options to force the easy chart to only retrieve say 1 datapoint per day if the selected date range is more than 1 month?

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Ignition 8.0.16

With the Tag Historian? No, not really. With DB Pens? Yes:

The combination of my Time Series DB Cache module and the EasyNoteChart component in my NoteChart module will efficiently chunk load huge histories (millions of rows) without crashing the client, even if it takes minutes to pull it all in. (You do have to allow enough client memory to hold the entire dataset, though.) Once pulled into the client, you can zoom in, zoom out, and slide your date range around with blistering fast display updates. When sliding into a range that you haven’t loaded yet, only the new data will have to be transferred.

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