Easy chart lost data

Hi , when I use easy chart , sometime there is no curve display in easy chart , but when I check SQL SERVER , I can query data this time period . How could I solve the problem

With the information you have provided, it narrows things down to just about everything. :grin:

Seriously, though, the more information you can provide, the better our answers will be.

Lets start with:

What version of Ignition and SQL Server you’re running?
What query are you using?
May we see a screenshot of the Easy Chart setup?

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Ignition7.9.4 (64BIT) and SQL Server 2012
I use “ Cell Update ” function to query data from SQL SERVER.
Sorry , I forget to save the picture.

what specific query are you using? Cell update doesn’t tell me anything.

Does the chart display if you hard code your query information?

Thank you for your replay , maybe I make a mistake, chart time and sql t_stamp.