Easy Chart Maximize

can we bind say a radio button’s visibility to the maximize state of the easy chart?

I just ran into a situation where the ability to bind to an Easy Chart’s maximize state would be helpful too. Is there some way of accessing this property via scripting (it does not show in the properties editor)?

The chart has a toggleMaximized() function that you can use. Try this in a button to test it out.chart = event.source.parent.getComponent('Easy Chart') chart.toggleMaximized()Enjoy, but note that this is an internal function of the Easy Chart and could change at any new version without warning.

Thanks Robert. I’ll likely find that helpful in the future. However, what I–and I think the OP–was looking for was a way to check the state (not change it).

Unfortunately I don’t know that one. There might not be a function for that.

yes what I am looking for is not to change the state of the chart but to use that state change to hide other buttons /text fields I have on the same screen.
basically, when a client maximizes the chart, my buttons overlay and looks like a jumbled mess.
If i could hide these, would look a lot cleaner.

You could use the undocumented toggleMaximized() function in your own custom button that would hide your controls and then maximize the chart. And likewise for its inverse operation.

That would do it; thanks adamaustin!