Easy Chart not displaying negative values on AutoRange axis


I am trying to get the Easy Chart to show the negative value from a tag history pen. The data get recorded in the database, but once I go to display it on the easy chart it does not show the values on the y-axis.

This is the axis properties:

Although, once I turn off AutoRange it will display the negative value based on the min I give it (-100). I do not want to do this though as these values fluctuate greatly and may go over the min/max I set.

This is with the AutoRange set off:

Could there be something I am missing? Or is this a potential bug? for reference, this is 8.1.21 and this is a tag history pen

The value has not changed, so the AutoRange is only showing a single value. When the value changes, then the auto range will calculate the range to show all data points within the selected Data range.

The fixed Lower and Upper Bound do not apply unless AutoRange is unchecked.

Gotcha, that must be it then. I figured it would still display the y axis. Thank you!