Easy Chart not showing data from remote provider

Having a weird issue with the tag historian and remote historical providers. I have the remote provider set up on the local and remote gateway. Both of them show a “Running” status with regards to the historical provider. One weird thing that I cannot explain or fix is on the remote gateway there are two historical providers with the same name that cannot be deleted.

The top provider when disabled will disable both providers, the bottom provider when disabled/enabled doesn’t seem to affect the top provider. Again not sure why there are two which might be part of the issue.

I have then set up historical tags through the designer. On the remote gateway I can see the data being recorded inside the SQL server. However, when trying to make an easy chart component in a vision window inside the local gateway it returns no historical data. The when adding the pen to the chart the system can see the remote provider and the tags it is logging but returns no data when assigning to the easy chart.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

So I was able to get this error to occur when I did the following. On my local gateway I made a reference tag to one of my OPC tags on my remote gateway. I enabled history on that tag on the remote gateway and then tried to use that tag as the pen in an easy chart and got the following error attached to this comment.easyChartError.txt (2.8 KB)