Easy Chart on Template with UDT's

Using Ignition 7.7.5

Here’s my problem:

I’m getting this error using an Easy Chart in a Template with Data Type’s

I’m using the Cell Update table to pass my Data Types in through the Meta.TagPath. The DataTypes are all trending on my Easy Chart on my client. But the error keeps showing up.

Am I forgetting a path somewhere for this error to keep showing up?

Cell update bindings don’t support operations like concatenation - they have to be a direct reference to a valid string that will be inserted directly into the table before it’s used.

You’ll have to use custom properties to define the different fields you’re reading in, then refer to those custom properties in the cell update binding.

Errr… I’m confused now
This is exactly what I do, and Travis apparently :slight_smile:


Is there a difference I’m not seeing?

I’m confused to, I do this all the time with no errors caused on other projects. Right now Ignition is not throwing out the error but nothing has been changed.

It looks like the error is only getting thrown around when Designer is opened. If closed the error does not show up.

Whoops - I was thinking of the wrong bit. You can’t run expressions in cell update bindings, but basic concatenation will work.

However, I think the core problem here is that you’re working inside a template. Because inside the template configuration, there’s no UDT instance assigned, the concatenation fails to make a “real” tagpath (check out the tagpath column inside your screenshot - it’s blank, up to the fixed text defined).

You can just ignore these messages, since looking up the tagpaths is one of the first things the historian does (so it’s not “expensive” or you can switch the designer to comm mode off while you’re working on these templates.