Easy Chart "Operator Roles" error when running client

I created two separate Vision windows that will simply display individual “Easy Chart” components. The charts access SQL data from Transaction Groups. In development they work great. When I run the client and open the “Pop-Up” windows the charts are RED.

The Logger says “The current user does not have the required roles for this operation”

I did not assign any role based security to the Easy Chart component…

Any Ideas why it is blocked?

Do you have Legacy Database Access allowed in the project properties?


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Wow. I never even knew that existed!
All of the items were unchecked and no roles assigned.

I Added the required roles to the Legacy Database Access and it appears to be working fine.
The odd thing is that we have been running reports based on the Transaction Groups for a while and they all worked fine without and roles assigned.


Thank you very much for you response.