Easy Chart Pen Control Delete "X" - how to disable?

Folks, this is driving me nuts because I know I’ve set some attrib somewhere in the easychart pen control that disables (=makes not visible=) the X in a pen control box.

How is this done? I want users to be able to turn off pens but not provide an option for the pen to disappear…permanently.

It must be my age but memory fails me on this one. Can someone help?



When you click on the properties of the easy chart, the Dataset for DB Pens, it will be the last column:

Excellent!! Thank you, sir!!

I hate to resurrect my own very old thread here…but how is this accomplished in Ignition 8? It appears the Dataset for DB Pens option is missing…

Appreciate any assistance!



The DB Pens property is still there - do you have the property filter set to something other than ‘Expert’/‘All’?

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