Easy Chart - Pen Digital Offset

I think this is something overlooked…

I have 6 pens in an easy chart, tracking digital states. 3 pens in subplot 1, 3 in subplot 2.

If I check the digital offset for each of them, it is applied as if all the pens were all in the same subplot. i.e. each pen is offset by a value of .05 which makes the 1st pen in the second subplot (pen 4) start with a value of .15 rather than starting at 0.

As shown in the picture. All pens are a value of zero. The almost top subplot is fine (pens 1-3). The bottom subplot should reset the offset and start at zero again (pens 4-6), IMHO…

Is this something you guys can take care of?

Oh yeah that is an oversight. Thanks for reporting it, I’ve made a ticket to get it fixed.

This has been fixed for 7.2.5

Thanks Carl…