Easy Chart Pen Enable/Disable

I have an Easy Chart with approximately 700 pens where some of the pen names (gpm, status, hoa) are the same but in different groups. The problem is that when I enable one pen in a specific group all the other pens with the same name in other groups get enabled.

How are you enabling/disabling the pens?

The pens are enabled/disabled from the Easy Chart. Initially the pens were loaded from the Easy Chart. It was then exported to a csv from the clipboard and the groups names were then added and imported back into the dataset. Had to remove the (1) (2) appended to the tag names because of the duplicates.

I had this same problem where i had a number of pens with the same name just in different groups and when i enabled one they would all enable and when i disabled one they all disabled, what i found was that each pen name did require to be different even though they were in different groups.

We will add a ticket to get this fixed.

This has been resolved for 7.3.

Some thing similar but different.

My pens are added on the fly via code. If I add a number (more then one) of pens with the same name but different paths, only one is shown.

This is in 7.2.8 and I think 7.2.6 (maybe 7.2.5)

This is another symptom of the same issue I think - charts in 7.3 should work correctly with tags that have the same name as long as they are in different groups.

Thanks Carl.

I will continue to test this.

This is fixed in 7.3.0

For anyone interested, I’ve backported this fix to a special release of the Vision module, version 4.2.8. You can download it here, let me know if you have any problems with it.

:prayer: Thank you :prayer:

Off to testing…