Easy Chart Pen Issue - Picture

I couldn’t think of an easy way to describe this in words, so here is a picture.

My question: why does the blue pen (Current_SCR1) look like that comparted to the green pen (Current_SCR2) or even the magenta pen (Current_SCR_Total, which is the sum of 1 and 2)? The kicker: the blue pen continues to look exactly like that, no matter how much time passes in this real time view. All pens seem to have the same style settings.

I am happy to provide any additional information that may help. Thank you.

It looks like your range for the SCRs is 0 to 0.001 which is super small. Are the values from your SCRs valid? How is history configured on them? Your deadband may be preventing them from logging values if you’re at that small of a range.

Screenshots of the live values, historical configuration, or anything else related will help.

Thank you for the reply. Both SCRs were off (zero current) at the moment when I happened to capture this image. I will gather more screenshots / data when the system is fired up for testing again, probably on Monday.

I have noticed this behavior before but hadn’t captured it: certain pens will show the current value with a straight line back to some value in the past without deflecting to mark when the value had first reached its current value. For example, if the current was 50 amps ten minutes ago, then reduced to 30 amps five minutes ago, there will only be a straight line from the 50 amp reading from ten minutes ago to the 30 amp reading now. It doesn’t seem to indicate that the current has been steady at 30 amps for the last five minutes.