Easy Chart Pen Labels

I just upgraded to 7.3.3 and I have noticed that on the Easy Chart, the pen labels are preceded by the group name. This happens in both the X-Trace mode and in the Legend.

For instance, if I have a pen in the “Coaters” group named “Coat Weight”, in the Legend and in the X-Trace mode, the pen label reads “Coaters/Coat Weight”.

In the Easy Chart Customizer, it shows all my Database Pen names with the same format: Group/Pen. I suppose this is the root of the issue.

This makes for some very long, unwieldy labels, and I have thousands of pens. How can I change it back to show just the pen name and not the group name?

Sorry, you can’t. This was a side effect of fixing the bug with the easy chart that made it break when pens with the same name were in different groups.

We can look into an option whereby the pen’s label is it’s name only, but currently there is no way for you to do this.