Easy Chart Pen Names

Is it possible at some point for the pens to have the same name, although in different groups, not interact with each other when enabling/disabling from the Easy Chart? That would be nice because all the tags in our project are named the same but located site specific folders in order to adhere to the indirect tag addressing. Another option would be to have both a logical name and a descriptive name when creating/editing the tag. That way you could use the logical name for indirect addressing and the descriptive name for the Easy Charts, Alarms, etc.

Also would be nice have provisions to add columns in the easy chart customizer and have the option to create a db table. ( I think I mention that in an earlier post) Right now you can add columns in the dataset however, adding tags over writes the added columns with the default scheme. Maybe all of this is of the wall but thought I’d give it a try.

The issue of pens needing unique names is already in our issue tracking system.

I’m not sure about the table creation idea - I have a nagging suspicion almost nobody would know what it was meant for.