Easy Chart Pen Selection

Is it possible for the easy chart to remember what pens were selected when changing pages and then changing back?

Store the chart’s configuration datasets to client tag(s) (bidirectionally). Save the project with the client tags in the “default” state you want.

I tried this this morning with no luck. What I did was create a memory tag called EnviromentalTagPens declared as a dataset. I then bidirectionally bound that to the Tag Pens attribute but when a select or deselect a pen the memory tags data is not updating so changing the screen reverts it back to the original state.

To after some more investigating, I have noticed that if a open the dataset and toggle a setting in both the attributes and the tag that they will update in both places but the pens on the chart dont update.

I was wondering if you have anymore suggestions on how to do this?

Do you have the chart in ‘auto-apply’ mode?

Ah, yes I do. Is there a way to do it while in ‘auto-apply’ mode?