Easy chart - pen width in engineering units, or pen fill between 'low' and 'high' values?

Two items that my easy chart users would like:

a) A way to specify a pen width in engineering units? When selecting pen width as ‘weight’, the width of the line in engineering units changes when the range of the displayed chart changes. e.g. if the width is 100 and the chart lower and upper bounds are 0,100, the line width is 10 units. But if the chart lower, upper bounds are changed to 200 for instance, the displayed line width becomes 20 units. Id like to be able to specify a line width in fixed engineering units.
b) related to above, is there a way to fill between two values? When selecting pen style as area or digital area, it fills from pen value to 0. I’d like to fill between two values in order to show an operating range, for instance color the chart area between 8 and 12.

thank you,