Easy Chart Pen won't display line ....sometimes

My Easy Chart has 32 selectable pens to display historical process information. I have one pen that does not display the line when selected by itself, at least not until you select another pen also. Has anyone seen this behaviour before?


How many actual data points are in history for that pen and the given time range? Defaults for tag history don't always yield enough data points to . (Max tome between samples should be significantly less than the tightest zoom you are ever going to use. Certainly not the default unlimited. IMNSHO.)

I am using the default History settngs. Is MTBS of 0 the unlimited default?

When I look at the CSV of the data for the tag by itself, I get no data in the table. when I select another tag in the chart, I get 22 samples for the time period I had set (5 minutes).


Yup. Sounds like "normal" behavior.